Housekeepers have 3 ways to check the tasks that they have to fulfil in a day.

1. Printing out the work sheet and handing it personally

If you created a Housekeeper account without log-in rights, then you can assign tasks for them in the system and give them the printed version of the work sheet. If you missed how to create Housekeeper accounts, read HERE
Let's imagine, that you share the daily tasks with your housekeepers early in the morning when they come to work.
You need to go to Housekeeping menu.

  1. Pick a date. By default  you see the current day's situation, but you can select any other days (for example if you want to share the tasks for tomorrow you can pick the next day's date).
  2. With this filter, you can select which room types you would like to see on the page. You can select every room type, or only select some particular room types.
  3. If you have (and set them up correctly) you can filter your rooms by the floors they are situated on. For example, if you select the 2nd floor only, you will see only those rooms that were marked to be in the 2nd floor.
  4. If you applied the filters you wanted, you can assign a housekeeper for every room you currently see in the table with just a click of a button. 
  5. Select a housekeeper. If you want to print or export housekeeping tasks, you can select to do it for each housekeeper individually or for all of them at once. Before printing individual sheets, make sure you mark which room has to be cleaned by which housekeeper (step 4).
  6. Print the list.
  7. Export list to an Excel file.
  8. If you need to leave a comment for a housekeepers, you can do here. They will see who left the comment and at what time.
  9. By clicking on the housekeeper's icon, you can select which room has to be cleaned by which housekeeper.

2. Giving access for the housekeepers to the system

You can create Housekeeper accounts with log-in rights. In this case each housekeeper can log-in at any time of the day and check the rooms that are assigned for them. Moreover, when they start to work, they are able to change the status of the room by changing the colour of the bubble from red (room is dirty) to yellow (rooms is being cleaned). 

This information will be transferred to the Dashboard and the Calendar as well, so the receptionists can follow up which room is being cleaned.
When a housekeeper is ready with a room, she can mark it in the system by changing the bubble of the room status to green (room is clean).

This information will be transferred to the Dashboard and Calendar so the receptionists will know which room is ready.

3. Use the SabeeApp Housekeeping App

To learn about the functionalities of the application, please read the following article about it: Housekeeping Application.

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