Chat can be added to your website and/or to your booking engine.
If you would like to use chat feature, go to menu Settings / Chat 

Chat for the Website

For this step, you might want to ask help from your website designers or person who helped you with the website. If you are the one, who takes care of the website, then inserting a chat will be very easy.

Copy provided big code from the box and insert it to your website. Once it's done, your website visitors will see the cat box at the bottom of the page.
If someone is logged in to your Sabee account, website visitors will see the following message:

When someone sends you a message via chat, you will hear the bell notification as well as you will be informed in the Mission control panel / Chat section.

If nobody is logged in to your Sabee account, then website visitors will have a possibility to leave a message for you

You will receive the message to your Mission control panel with the guest's question and e-mail address.

Chat for your Booking engine

If you would like to use the chat feature on your IBE, just mark the Show chat on your internet booking engine option.

You can choose a background colour to match the chat window to your booking engine.

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