SabeeApp gives you the possibility to issue invoices in multiple currencies. Before you can do that, you need to set, what are the possible currencies that you might need to use.

Go to the menu Settings / Invoice / Custom currency.
By clicking on the Use custom currency button, this feature will be enabled.

If you want to add new currency to the list, simply click Add new button. Specify some information about your added currency 

  1. Currency Rate: This will be the rate on which the system calculates the chosen currency based on the official currency exchange rates. We are updating this automatically every day.
  2. Use Custom Currency Rate: If you are not happy with the given exchange rate, you can define your own. It will be fixed and will not depend on the official currency exchange rate.
  3. Custom Currency Rate: Here you can add the fixed conversion rate of the currency.
  4. Default: If you switch this on, this currency will be the first option by the issuing of the invoice.
  5.  If you want to remove additional currency, simply click delete button.

    You can add as many currencies as you wish, there is no limitation.

When creating a new invoice, you will see the option to select from your list of additional currencies

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