If you are dealing with more invoice numbers, here you can define the details exactly the same way like in Invoice - Default settings.
Just go to Settings menu / Invoice / Invoice numbers and click Add new

  1. Invoice start number from: This number will be the invoice ID of the very first invoice that you issue in Sabee.
  2. Prefix: It is a clarifying reference to your business but it's not mandatory. e.g. “Summer Hotel” prefix can be SH.
  3. Postfix: Used only if there is a need to clarify more information on the invoice, e.g. country code, city code, services and etc. Not mandatory.
  4. Number of digits in the invoice: You can set the number of digits used on the invoice. In the first field write 0 as it will be used to fill in space before the actual invoice start number. E.g. your invoice has to contain 10 digits, and your start number is 1, in this case, the invoice number will look 0000000001, 0000000018, 0000000201…) Not mandatory.
  5. Preview: Here you can see how your unique invoice ID will look like.

When you are creating a new invoice, you can select which invoicing number should be applied for that particular invoice.

Important note:

  • Once you have closed an invoice number, you cannot reopen anymore. Therefore you will not be able to issue invoice with the closed conditions.
  • Any number of invoice number rules can be created but the duplicates are not allowed.
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