You can set the invoices via menu Settings / Invoice / Default settings.

If you would like to start using the invoicing feature of SabeeApp, just set the following information:

  1. Primary Language: This will be the basic language of your invoices.
  2. Secondary Language: If you would like to issue bilingual invoices, here you can choose the second language. Secondary language will appear under the primary one, in a smaller font.
  3. Envelope window position: In this option, you can decide where will be the Company details on the printed version of the invoice. It is useful only when you are sending your invoices via post and your envelope has the transparent window.
  4. Default accommodation type: This will be the name of the accommodation on the invoice.
  5. Default accommodation prepayment type: This will be the name of the prepayment on the invoice.
  6. Show room name in accommodation item description: You can select if you want to display on the invoice just a room type or also include the exact room. If you want to display actual room name, just slide this button to the active (green) position.
  7. Group services on the invoice: You can decide to group services on the invoice based on their categories. So if guest had 5 different items from mini-bar, instead of having all listed individually you can just have total of mini-bar on the invoice without showing each separate service. If you would like to use this feature, slide the button to green position.
  8. Additional text on the invoice: The text that you add here will appear at the bottom of the printed version on each invoice. It's important to know that only the Primary Language text will be placed.
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