This is it's an extra service, which means it has an extra cost. If you would like to use the SMS message service, please navigate to Settings / Subscription menu in your SabeeApp account, and click the " Add credits" button.

You can ask 100 SMS credits which have a one-time cost, 10 €.
This fee is added on top of your monthly fee.
As the credits are uploaded, you can check how many SMS messages you can still send from the Subscription/SMS Credits part. (1 SMS = 1 SMS Credit)

If your credits are over, you can anytime purchase new credits at the same menu.

You can prepare SMS templates at the menu Settings / SMS Messages / SMS templates / Add new.

It is important to know that the SMS sending functionality will work only if:

  • there is a phone number provided on the detailed reservation page of the guest
  • if the phone number is added in the correct format , which is  " + country code and the number "  ( e.g. + 442921680588 ) 

Please make sure to highlight in the content of the SMS templates that it is a " noreply " message, and guest should not answer to these messages.

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