If you would like to apply a special housekeeping scheme for your reservations, click on the Settings menu and navigate to the Housekeeping/Default settings part.

By default only rooms that have departing guests will be set automatically to status dirty but in this menu you can define other rules.

First Housekeeping: the date when the first room cleaning should be, after check in.
Housekeeping period means: how often should the rooms be set to dirty, after the first housekeeping.

Housekeeping Period: This will be the frequency of your newly created rule.

Minimum length of the reservation: is the total number of nights of a reservation when this rule applies. For reservations, less than this number, these settings won't take effect.

For example:
I. If you offer daily make-up service, then you should set:
First housekeeping: 1 (as 1st day), Housekeeping period to 1 (as every day), and minimum length of stay to 1.

II. If you offer room cleaning only for those who stay with you at least 7 nights: First housekeeping: 3 or 4, Housekeeping period to 7, and minimum length of stay to 7

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