Once you are done with the settings of the Confirmation template and the Invoice template, here you can continue the setup with the Other templates.

The most important difference between the Other templates and the above-mentioned ones is that these letters will be sent automatically to all your clients regardless they were booking on an OTA or on your IBE.

If you would like to create a new letter just click on the Add new button.

  1. Send letters to all guests: Here you can decide whether this letter should be sent automatically to all your guests or you would like to send rather manually.
  2. Template name: By this setting, you give a name to the template. This will appear only in your template list, the guest will not see this.
  3. Select default language: System will send letters in your selected default language unless you will modify the language of the letter at the detailed page of reservation. More about this read HERE.
  4. Schedule E-mail: If you mark this option, you can set a rule when should be the letter sent.
  5. Relative to:  The trigger of the rule can be Arrival, Departure or when the reservation was created.
  6. When:  Here you can schedule exactly when should be the letter sent. Minus indicates days prior to arrival or departure. Plus symbolises days after arrival or departure. 
  7. Associate with room type(s): If you have different room types that has different information associated with them (e.g. address, door codes and etc.) you can specify the template to be sent depending on the room type.
  8. Room type(s): If you want to send template depending on the room type, then select to which room type it applies.
  9. E-mail subject:  This will be the one, what the booker will see as they receive the letter.
  10. E-mail content:  For e-mail you can use our offered variables. System will replace variables with the actual data so you don't need to change it or fill it manually. Make sure to copy full variable with all symbols. 
  11. Attachment: Any kind of file can be added here. There is no limitation regarding the extension or the number of files.

When you save the template, it will appear on the Other Templates list.

If you click on the magnifier you can see how the letter will look like, as the client will receive it.
By clicking on the pencil button, you can edit anytime the template.
In case, you click on the X, you will delete the template.

Please note: The bookers will never know that the letter was sent via SabeeApp. The sender e-mail address will be the one, which you filled in the Property details menu.
In case they are replying to any of your template messages, you have to check the reply in your own mailbox.

Also important to keep in mind that the scheduled email templates will be sent only to the confirmed reservations, not to the ones with optional status.

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