Firstly, in this menu, you have to add all your Partners to which you wish to connect later via the Channel Manager.
Secondly, you can add any kind of Partners from where you are receiving clients, like tourist agencies, companies, regular groups, etc.

Fill in their partner name and the percentage of the commissions that you are paying for this partner, e.g. Partner name:, commission: 15%.
If your commissions differ based on the room types, click first on the "Per Room" section and add the commissions there.

This is an important information to be updated, because once you are requesting a channel connection, you will have to map it with the partner from the list. So if you are willing to connect to via channel manager, first update partner in the Partner list and map it when you will fill in the connection request.

It is important to mention that this number will not be synchronised with the channels. If it changes in the future, you will have to come to this section and change it again manually.

Partner mapping will help you to get accurate reports regarding the commissions and it will also help you to figure out which partner brings the biggest amount of guests to your place.
Please note: entering partner commissions will not have any influence on the prices. It is used only for reporting purposes.

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