This part of the detailed reservation page sums up the financial details of a certain reservation. The Amount due indicates the total price which the guest needs to pay. 

The VAT % column is especially useful when there is an extra service added to the reservation because most of the time services have different VAT values than the accommodation.

Guest folio allows you to review invoices that have already been issued for the given guest but at the same time, you can issue new payments as well. 

As you can see, we have various options for finalising the payment. About the  types of invoices, you can learn more HERE

All the issued invoices, receipts, proformas and payments will be listed in a separate table which contains all the necessary information about them:

With the help of the " Show invoice " button you can re-open the PDF version of the invoice and review it, send it, print it or cancel it.

It might happen that the guest who is staying at your place doesn't need to pay any VAT or City tax for the stay. You can solve it easily by using the following sliding buttons:

Once the buttons are activated (green) the VAT or the City tax will change to 0.

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