1. Default currency - select the currency, which will be considered as your default one. When you will be uploading accommodation or services prices, you will use the value of your default currency.
  2. Notification Email address - define the e-mail address to which you would like to receive notifications from SabeeApp about all new, modified or cancelled bookings. If you will not define the notification e-mail address, then you will received all above mentioned notifications to Property's e-mail address. Note, that you can specify more notification e-mails at the bottom of the page.
  3. Date format - select date format that will be used at your SabeeApp account.
  4. Name of VAT - define, how you want to call VAT in your account. Most of the times, it is simply called VAT, but in other countries it can be named differently e.g. Government tax.
  5. Name of VAT number on the invoice - define, how you want to call VAT number on the PDF version of the invoice. Most of the times, it will be simply called VAT Nr., but if you are calling your VAT in different name, then make sure to rename the number on the invoice accordingly. E.g. if your VAT is called Governmental tax, then on the invoice it should appear as Governmental tax Nr.
  6. Name of City tax - define how you want to call City tax in your Sabee account. Most of the times, it will be called City tax, but in some countries there are different expressions used, e.g. Tourism tax, Pillow tax...
  7. Upload your companies' logo. Please note, that logo height should be not less than 140px. This logo will appear in the confirmation e-mail, check-in card, invoices and booking engine.
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