Here you can set up the information which will be displayed on your issued invoices and will represent the invoice issuer details.

If this information is the same as Company details then use the "Billing Info Same as company info" slider, so we can import all information from the company information.

Sometimes this information might differ from your company's details. If it differs then put the "Billing Info Same as company info" slider to inactive (grey) position and feel free to add the required information.

In the "Bank details" section you can set one bank account detail per currency. 

This information will be used when you issue an invoice with a "Bank transfer" payment method. For example if you set up your EUR bank account then it becomes visible on the invoices which are marked to be paid in Euro via bank transfer. 

You can set as many Bank accounts as you would like to but bear in mind that you can only have one bank account per currency.
You have the possibility to delete and modify the added bank account details anytime by using the buttons in "Edit" column.

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