The very first important thing to do in your property settings are the time zone settings.
This setting will be the source of all dates and times displayed in SabeeApp.

If your property details are the same as your company information use "Property Info same as company info" slider. If you slide it to the active (green) position, we will import the company information to the property details.

If your property's information differs from Company details, simply fill the given fields.

By filling in your property address, the GPS coordinates are ready to import. Simply click on "Get Coordinates by address" button. If you feel that automatically generated GPS coordinates are not in the right spot, you can place the marker directly on the map by selecting "Get Coordinates from map" button. This information is mainly used on your confirmation letter and booking engine.

Property details will be displayed on your Internet Booking Engine and in the confirmation email in case someone books on your booking engine.

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