In the right part of the Dashboard there are two type of boxes.

  • Static, fixed boxes like the New Reservations table and the Statistics. These tables can be seen at the Dashboard all the time.
  • Dynamic boxes, which are appearing only if there is a need for that, so if there is any update concerning the reservations.

Dynamic tables (boxes) are the following: Expiring Options, Bookings without allocated room and Credit Card update information.

Lets go through all possible tables and see what information they represent

  1. Static, fixed boxes:

New Reservation table: contains all the reservations coming from any of your connected OTA partners, Booking Engine or entered manually. You are able to check the new reservations for the current day and for the previous day as well.

Statistics box: contains some quick statistics, basic metrics of the current month performance. This will be displayed only for owners and it is a only a short overview. More detailed statistics and reports are available in the Reports menu.

  2.  Dynamic boxes:

Expiring Options:  If you have an optional ( red ) reservation in the calendar and this reservation has an expiry date set to be within 48 hours from the current day, the system will display this table for you, as a friendly reminder that you need to take further actions. The expiration date is also displayed, so you would know until what day you need to receive confirmation from the guest.

Bookings without allocated room: In this table we collect all those reservations which the system could not allocate in your calendar. This might happen in those cases when the reservation comes in as a so called " pink block" reservation. About this you can read more below:
No available room for A new reservation 

Please make sure you always double check these reservations displayed in this table!

Credit Card
update: In case of reservations you have the possibility to report the credit card as an invalid card after an unsuccessful attempt to charge it.
Marking the credit card as invalid is possible to do on the detailed reservation page, under Reservation details:

After you clicked this button, the guest has 24 hours to update the credit card details in, and a table on the Dashboard will appear saying that we are waiting for a card update.
If the guest did not manage to update the card details within 24 hours, we will display the following "No credit card updates in the past 24 hours".
If the guest managed to add new card details in, these will automatically come to your Sabee account and you will be able to find them on the detailed reservation page. Still, on the Dashboard we will notify you about the successful update!

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