It is very important to note that anything what you put here will affect only your Internet Booking Engine and will not overwrite your policy settings in your OTA's Extranets.
Meaning, that if you would like to change your Check-In/Check-Out policy on, you will have to log-in to their Extranet and change it there.

At the cancellation policies section, you can add your General cancellation policy and the Cancellation policy for non-refundable rates.
You see the possibility to add cancellation policy in different languages. So if you are having booking engine in more than one language - you should also translate your policies to additional languages.
These policies will apply to certain rate plans as well.

At the Payment policies section, you can define your Advance payment policy and the Non-advance payment policy.
These are the policies you need to choose when setting up your Rate Plans as well.

At the Other Policies section you can define several other details such as Description of the property, General policy, Check in - Check out policy, Pet Policy or Group Policy.

It is important to have Children policy set in order to avoid wrong pricing for little ones. Children policy will also have influence when reservations are arriving from certain OTAs. E.g. if you will receive the reservation from for 2 adults and 1 child (4-16 yrs), then system will be able to display correct information and apply correct charged for children. If you will have set children policy in, but not in Sabee, then our system will not know how to differentiate children by age and what charges applies.

If you don't accept children then set the Accept children button to inactive (grey) position and you can skip further settings. 

If you accept children, you have to define the Children price calculation model. This can be Relative to the room, Relative to occupancy or Percentage based. Let's check the difference between them on some examples!

I. Relative to room: If the price for one person is 100 € and for two people is 110 €, then the third person (if it's a child) will be calculated based on the extra price that you set in the Extra child price section.

II. Relative to occupancy: Let's consider that you have a room type where the maximum occupancy is four. The one person rate is 50 €, the two person rate is also 50 €, the third person rate is 60 € and the fourth person is 70 €. In this case if an adult arrives with a child then they will pay 50 € but if it's two adults and one child the price will be 60 €.

III. Percentage based: If the price for one person is 100 € and for two is 110 €, then the third person (if it's a child) will be 10 €. With this setting you can let your clients know that you are accepting children but the prices will be calculated the same way as if they were adults.

In case you accept infants also then set the Accept infants to active (green) position. In this case a new setting appeared where you can define until what age you consider someone an infant. You can add this information to the Infants stay for free from age 0 - to. After this, you have two options: children over the given age are considered adults or the infants or Children that has to pay from: X years to Y. The extra price can be added in the Extra child price part.

You can also write your children policies in the text field. 

In the Property photos section you can upload any number of photos of your property. These will automatically appear on the right section of your IBE. It will always display only one picture that the system randomly picks each time.
The picture that you set as default will be the one on the confirmation letter as well.

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