Lets have a look to the 3 main Dashboard elements:

  • Arrivals lists
  • Departures list
  • On-board list

Under the title of the table you will find three widgets that summarise the happenings of the actual day: 

  • Arrivals today: number of check-ins today
  • Guests arriving today: number of actual guests arriving today
  • Amount due: the amount what needs to be paid by the guests all together

If you consider this list too long , you may also use the search function, where you have to type (a part of) the name of the guest, and only that one booking will be displayed.

There is a possibility to arrange columns and/or select which columns exactly you would like to see. You can drag column with the mouse to re-arrange its' position. Or you can select from the list, what is not necessary.

The Dashboard can be useful for housekeeping purposes as well, as you can see and change the housekeeping status from the Dashboard's Arrivals list.
The colours are indicating the following statuses:

  • Red: the rooms needs to be cleaned  
  • Yellow: the room is being cleaned at the moment by the housekeeper
  • Green: the room is clean
  • Blue: the room is clean, and approved by a supervisor

Departures and On-board lists work with the same principe as Arrivals, thus you can re-arrange the columns, select the columns, and also print the lists if needed.

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