As you will see, we made a complete reconstruction of the menu bar for your enhanced comfort. SabeeApp has a lot of menus and sometimes it could take a while to find something important on the go. We made the changes keeping this in mind and with the new design, we would like to introduce some new and helpful features as well.

First and foremost the menu became dynamic. It will show you the most frequently visited submenus of a menu two clicks away from anywhere. It will also adapt to your habits if you start to use a submenu more often.

The other part of this update will be the new buttons on the right. From now on, you will be able to quickly search for a guest's name, reservation code or channel ID via the Quick Search.

You may add a service to an onboard guest's reservation right from the menu bar, with the help of the Quick Add Service button, so you don't have to navigate to the detailed page of reservation just to do this.

Furthermore, you will see your own mission control for the system, where you will be able to chat with us, check your notifications and the Support tab, through you will be able to look for solutions in the time of need.

I would like to guide you to the detailed description of the new menu's functionalities, which you will find in the following article:

New features in the menu

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your opinion about the new features.

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