We made a few optimisation on the CTA/ CTD and Open/Close Rate Plan sections under prices menu. The change only applies to changes made on individual dates, so the wizards are not involved.

When you wanted to open or close the arrival or departure date one by one, after pushing the date it changed the colour from red to green or from green to red, and we updated on connected channels right away. When a lot of dates were changed in a shorter period of time, it could slow down the system, therefore we wanted to speed up this process and from today on, you have to select the dates and push the Update button. We will only synchronize after the Update button was pushed. You can select multiple dates before pushing the update button.

Same applies to Open/Close rate plan.

Read more about CTA/CTD here:
 CTA/CTD restrictions

Open/Close Rate Plan here:

What does Open/Close rates button mean?

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