If you would like to enable SabeePay for your Booking engine, please navigate to Distribution / Internet Booking Engine / Payments menu

In case you use SabeePay as a payment option on your IBE, we strongly recommend to disable the " Accept credit card as a security " payment option.
You can disable it  by leaving the "Set as default" slider grey:

These two options used simultaneously might be confusing for the guest.
It is important to know the difference between the "securing reservation by providing credit card details" , which means that there is no charge happening after the guest confirms the reservation, but we only store their card details, as a security deposit. But in case of finalising the reservation with SabeePay, after the guest enters the card details and hits the book now button, the card will be charged immediately.

Other payment methods like Cash payment, Bank transfer or PayPal can be activated next to SabeePay.

Now click on the SabeePay tab and set up your rules:

  1. If you would like to use SabeePay on the IBE make sure that the switch is green.
  2. You may select whether the guests will be able to pay for their accommodation only or for the extras as well (you can define them in your service list).
  3. You may select whether it is mandatory to pay the full price or just a part of it. If you have chosen the partial payment, you may type in the percentage of your choice.
  4. If you want to send your guests an automatic confirmation letter about their reservation made with SabeePay, make sure the switch is green.
  5. If you want prioritise SabeePay as a payment method - which means this will be the very first option in the list of the possible payment options - make sure the switch is green.

Important: if you have made any changes on the page, click on the Save button to set your new rules live.

After you have completed the setup process, your guests will be able to pay right on your IBE page.

On your IBE you will see the following display:

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